I have been working with Barbara Reilly, on various different matters, for the last eight years. In one word, she is ‘amazing’. Her compassion for her work and her clients is unsurpassed. When you work with Barbara, she makes you feel like you are the only client that matters. She is meticulous and driven as a paralegal, and more importantly she is a very caring, warm and empathetic individual. From the moment you walk into her peaceful office you will feel taken care of. She will listen to all of your needs and concerns and decide which attorney is best for your case. I would recommend Legal Eagles to anyone in the Valley searching for quality and compassionate legal services.

Christine Metivier

Recently, I was faced with the pressure of hiring an Attorney for a child support issue and had to retain an Attorney. I immediately retained Dan Harkinson, Esq. He was very supportive of my financial situation and whether I could afford counsel throughout this matter. He offered me a choice to either use his Paralegal, which would put an incredible strain on my finances or I could utilize Legal Eagles, LLC at a much lower cost. So I agreed to use Legal Eagles, LLC knowing that I was capable of preparing some of the work to prepare which would cut cost even more. Barbara Reilly, Paralegal at Legal Eagles, LLC was not only diversified in her expertise, she was committed to devote her time to my specific situation and always had a positive and professional work ethic. She has an amazing ability to collect, organize, review, evaluate and target those issues which were considered to be most impactful. Not only did I feel I had an amazing legal team for my situation I would highly recommend this legal team for anyone familiar or unfamiliar with Court issues. Thank you Barbara and Attorney Harkinson for such incredible relief. Legal Eagles, LLC is an absolute asset to anyone searching for quality preparation in many different situations at very reasonable rates. Thank you,

Pamela Carrier

We are a long standing small construction company that has never had a problem with a customer until now. Not knowing if we needed an attorney to pursue this matter or not, we went to Legal Eagles, LLC, specifically Mrs. Barbara Reilly. Barbara is a very compassionate, caring and proficient individual who, through her experience, has guided us through our process. We cannot put into words the professional and efficient way our situation was handled. We would recommend Legal Eagles, LLC to any business.

Joe and Sandy

Barbara unfailingly provides exemplary paralegal service. She is prompt, practical and extremely capable, and her extensive experience was obvious from the first time I worked with her. When I need paralegal assistance in the North Country, I don’t hesitate to call them.

Daniel J. Harkinson, Esq.

I call Legal Eagles whenever I need paralegal assistance. Barbara is professional and efficient. I can trust them to get whatever I need done quickly and accurately. Barbara is very experienced and knowledgeable in the field of family law. She is conscientious about referring clients back to me if they have legal questions or need the advice of their lawyer. I trust her implicitly to help my clients with professionalism and courtesy. I would recommend Legal Eagles to any attorney who needs extra paralegal help.

Barbara is a marvelous resources for people who are facing legal issues. She is committed to helping regular people figure out their legal needs, and she does so with intelligence and compassion. The valley is lucky to have Legal Eagles.

Anne D. Barber, Esq.

In my profession, I often encounter people who would benefit from legal guidance on relatively commonplace matters, but who have neither the level of need nor the financial resources to hire an attorney. Legal Eagles, LLC provides courteous, professional, high quality services at a very reasonable price. I have referred many of my clients to Legal Eagles, all of whom have been extremely happy and satisfied with the results. Legal Eagles, LLC fills an important niche in our community. I have no doubt I will be referring many more people to them in the years ahead. Thank you!

Mark Horan
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor


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